baby k update - third trimester

i feel like i've blinked + here we are in our third trimester with our sweet baby k!!
i'm so happy to be here at six months. happy + thankful + amazed at what my body is capable of doing. these moments of baby k kicking + bumping around inside me feel just as precious as they did the first time round with kingston.

as far as the pregnancy itself, it's been pretty much identical to my pregnancy with kingston. nausea + vomiting have long subsided + my energy levels are back which is super helpful when chasing the king around all day.

when it comes to baby names, we're struggling big time. we'e got our girl names picked out but we have zilch for boy names so far.

... + then there's the nursery. i'm still torn whether to just buy another crib or to upgrade kingston to a big boy bed. he's at an age where he really could stay in his crib or i could switch him to his big boy bed before the baby comes. i like the idea of transitioning him before baby k but i feel like that's forcing him to really grow up + that makes me sad! we'll have baby k in our master bedroom in our halo bassinet for at least the first few months. we did that with kingston + it worked really well, plus it'll buy us some time when it comes to making a few of those bigger decisions.

i'm so stoked to see kingston get a little buddy to play with. one more blink + that day will be here.


  1. can not wait for sweet baby k ��