+ then there were four

we're having another baby!

dustin + i could not be more excited to announce that we're growing our little family!

we found out we were pregnant on kingston's 2nd birthday which i thought was pretty special in itself. although we weren't actively trying for a baby yet at this point, a little voice in my head started whispering "what if" + "wouldn't that be neat to find out on his birthday" so i took a test + sure enough - there's a little human cooking! our sweet baby k is scheduled to arrive at the beginning of february.

i was pretty sick the first trimester which was identical to my pregnancy with kingston but now that we're in the second trimester, i'm feeling a million times better. i'm still waiting for that second trimester energy to make an appearance though...
we use the ovia app to keep track of the baby's development. we used it for kingston too. it's so fun checking in to see how big baby k's hands + feet are!

a few things on our to-do list before the baby arrives:

1 | get kingston adjusted + sleeping in his big-boy bed
2 | potty train (help!!)
3 | finish our basement
4 | upgrade mama's vehicle

we are so thankful that we've been blessed with this tiny miracle + we can't wait to meet our new little babes! we'll keep you posted along the way. xo

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