toddler winter essentials

happy december, everyone! we had our first major snowfall of the season (which resulted in kingston + i being snowed in for nearly a week while dustin was away on work) + temperature's are dropping like crazy! i'm in love with all the snow we've been getting because it's finally starting to make things feel like christmas-y. winter out in the sticks where we built our home is absolutely magical. everything is so white + peaceful, kingston + lulu have more space than they know what to do with it. this is exactly what dustin + i envisioned the very first time we came across this little wonderland. 

kingston was just a teeny, tiny babes at this time last year so we never had to spend a lot of time bundling him up to go outside because he had his one trusty snowsuit (more like three trusty snowsuits) + he was good to go. this year, we were quick to learn that's it's not just about warmth for our kingston, it's about mobility too. 

these are a few of our winter essentials that we've been using for kingston daily:

ZARA WINTER PARKA this winter parka is nice + long for optimum warmth. i'm in love with the fur hood that not only looks super cute, but it helps keep his head + neck warm too. it's a bit stiff for kingston to move around in so we use this more for a going to + from jacket. we bought him this jacket which is a lighter + easier for kingston to maneuver in when he plays outside. plus, i'm obsessed anything camo print!!

KOMBI 'THE SNOOD' | this is our favourite! the snood is fully lined + not only protects his ears, but his neck + chin too. it's a great essential for the really cold days + it looks so darn cute, i get kingston to wear it almost everywhere we go.

SOREL BOOTS | finding winter boots for kingston was tough! like most one-year-olds i'm sure, kingston had a lot better things to do than to sit down + try on winter boots. when we came across the sorel snow commanders, they were hands down the easiest to get on/off + kingston could walk around the store effortlessly. these boots are designed weather as cold as -25°c (-32° fahrenheit) which perfect for our chilly winter climate.
THE NORTH FACE HOODIE | the northface makes some of our most loved hoodies. they are great to have on hand for a little extra warmth + they're perfect for layering.

HUNTER BOOTS | a solid pair of rainboots is key for jumping in puddles + for when the temperatures pick up.

GAP BIB SNOW PANTS | we chose the traditional bibs snow pants vs just the regular snow pants because i thought they would be more practical for kingston's age. bib snow pants do an awesome job of keeping the snow out.

GAP SOCKS | our favourite sock brands for kingston's little toes are baby gap + crewcuts for j.crew, preferably with grippers on the bottom. also - if you have any tips + tricks for getting toddlers to keep their socks on, please send them our way!!
KOMBI BABY BEAR INFANT MITTS | we love these simple + warm mittens! the baby bear mitts are long in length with elastic hems to keep the heat in + the cold out. they are also waterproof + come in a ton of different colours. we got kingston's mitts in black + titanium so that way they can match with whatever jacket he's wearing + there's always an extra pair nearby to toss into his backpack. we also purchased these incase lulu takes kingston's other mitts hostage.

happy weekend, everyone! xo

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