best birthday gifts for a one year old

kingston was gifted some amazing toys + books for his first birthday + i wanted to share a few of our favourites in case you have a birthday for a one-year old in your future!

1. NATIVE SHOES | it's amazing how quickly a pair of shoes can transition kingston from a baby into a boy. we noticed an immediate improvement in his walking when wearing native's vs the moccs i usually put on his feet. best part about them? they are waterproof + odor resistant! perfect for our little wreck-it ralph.

2. LITTLE TIKES PICNIC TABLE | such a timeless, fun gift; i can't wait to watch him put this to use in the upcoming summer days. i had one of these as a kids + they seriously last forever!

3. BOOKS | we already have quite the stash of books but! you can never have too many. kingston's current favourites are color dogchicka chicka boom boom + little blue truck! seriously, he must look at his color dog book at least 10 times a day.

4. BATTAT B WHEEEE-IS SOFT CARS | these come in a set of four brightly coloured vehicles that ring, chime, rattle + squeak. kingston loves pulling back the cars + letting them zip throughout the kitchen. lulu (our puppy) does not love this.

5. LITTLE TIKES SLIDE | another classic that will be used for years + years. so pumped these slides now come in such cute colours! these slides also makes a great indoor toys if you have the room!!

6. SHAPE SORTER | a cute, eco-friendly spin on the classic. this toy is perfect for practicing kingston's hand-eye coordination + is dishwasher safe! (a huge must in our house)

7. CATERPILLAR GEARS TOY | this melissa + doug caterpillar was set up only display at one of our local bookstores + kingston immediately fell in love. he can easily sit for a solid 20 minutes spinning the gears, removing them + putting them back on, over + over, again + again. coincidentally, this caterpillar no longer lives at the bookstore + now lives with us.

hope this helps you on the hunt for the perfect birthday gift! xo

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