an easter basket for the king

i can't believe kingston's first easter is only a week away + just like that, he'll be having his last "first" holiday. (insert mama tears here). no, actually. i cried after writing that. bawled, if we are being perfectly honest. 

when i was a kiddo, i remember easter being such a relaxing + enjoyable holiday. my parents never failed to have an 'egg' hunt set up for us (the year we scored the sims computer game was legendary). it was always a fun morning to just hang out spend time as a family. with this easter being my first as a mama, i wanted to inherit a similar 'egg hunt' tradition + even though our bunny won't be doing a lot of hunting this year, i rounded up a few of our favourite baby/toddler items + created an easter basket for the king.

babylit books are extremely loved in our home. i initially came across babylit books during my pregnancy + have been consumed with completing our collection ever since. the illustrations are uber cute + it's a great way to introduce your babes to the world of classic literature. a few of our favourites are the jungle book + all aboard new york (because it's never too early to start sharing mama's love for the big apple)!

if you would have told me a few years ago that i would be obsessed with wooden toys, i would've seriously "lol'd". just the idea of touching wood or someone chewing on wood was enough to make my skin crawl. thankfully, i'm over that. + these tegu blocks? they are the new favourite in our house. tegu's award winning building system combines the timelessness of wood with the magic of magnets making them so fun!

we are  lucky enough to have a few of finn + emma's rattle buddies in our toy bins! they are perfect for play time, snuggles on the couch + they're so freakin' cute, i even use them to decorate kingston's book shelves in his nursery. we trust the safety + love the quality of finn + emma! we are lucky enough to be brand rep for them too!

aka, sophie the 3rd. you might've read in previous posts how much we adore miss sophie in our home which may lead you to wonder why we'd feel the need to buy kingston three rubber giraffes... truth be told, our puppy also loved sophie. so she ate her. then ate sophie's sister. we're hoping third time's a charm.     

these are legit the best cuddle suits. kingston received his first purl lamb hoodie + sweat pants set when he was all fresh + new. we loved these sweats so much they instantly became a staple in the king's closet in every size. i also purchased their rocky shorts for summer. he wore his purl lamb shorties non-stop in mexico + they were so soft + super easy to put on (a must in my books)!

let's be honest. i purchased these a few months ago but they were still so perfectly wrapped + were practically begging to jump inside kingston's easter basket (at least that's the story i'm going with). i scooped these knee socks up from one of my all-time favourite online boutiques, rufus + murdog. they carry a large selection of premium indie brands that are seriously to die. i also love that they are located in canada which saves me the hassle of dealing with duties + tax at the border!

i am so excited to add these new bubbles to our bath toy collection! bath time has always kingston's favourite part of the day. we have loads of boon bath toys + i always try to keep a few new ones nearby just incase we are having a tough day + a new toy can put a smile on his face. the king's current favourite is the scrubble squirt set. he thinks it's the funniest thing when dustin + i spray water on his tummy.

because an easter basket isn't complete until it has a snuggle bunny. 

a pretty sweet alternative to your typical easter basket. these pehr design bins are not only super cute but can be used over + over again, 365 days of the year. we use our bins for storing kingston's books, stuffies, blankets + other random toys that need tidying. pehr designs just released their new 'just hatched' collection which consists of the sweetest baby chicks, little lambs + tiny bunnies. perfect for easter!   

because we actually are addicted to boon bath toys. + this one lights up. how cool is that?!

i hope these ideas are helpful to you fellow mama's who are still on the hunt for a few more easter basket treats! xo

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