teething remedies


kingston, being the early bird that he is, sprouted his bottom two teeth at three months, both within a week of each other + then proceeded to cut four more top teeth right at the five month mark. poor baby! teething is cruel but this mama is sure enjoying the extra cuddles!

here are a few of our favourite remedies that have helped us ride out the storm:

BOON GNAW TEETHING TEETHER | hands down, this one is kingston's favourite. the different textures + flimsy shape of the gnaw make it so fun for kingston to chew on + whip around. we've ended up buying a few of these because i find when we are out + about, the boon gnaw is the quickest + most successful distraction if kingston starts to get fussy or antsy - thus we have them in every diaper bag. i'm a huge fan of the one-handed clip that it has that allows me to quickly tag it onto kingston's shirts so i'm not picking it up off the floor 500 times a day #winning

HYLANDS TEETHING TABLETS | these were recommended to me by a few other mama's on instagram + boy am i glad we ordered them! there are a few local stores that do carry different types of hylands teething remedies but with the cold weather we've been having lately, i've been taking the easy (+ warm) route and ordering them through well.ca. these teething tablets are all-natural + i did research on the ingredients so i feel good about giving them to kingston.

SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE | this one should be a given.

CHEWBEADS MULBERRY TEETHER | i love all the fun shapes + colors that chewbeads teethers come in! we currently have the mulberry teether in the turquoise colour + i'd like to add their black + white teether to our collection too. i seriously love the monochromatic look!

THE HONEST COMPANY BABY TEETHER | i know, i know. it's a butterfly. but it's also the honest company + you can't argue with medical grade, non-toxic silicone. i love that i can toss this teether directly into the dishwasher!

GAMAGO COOL POP TEETHING POPSICLE | this is such a fun teether! the size, color and hardness is on point. funny story, our little puppy lulu definitely got into trouble the first time dustin saw this teether. he totally thought lulu had taken a chunk out of the popsicle, not knowing that i had bought it that way!

INFANT TYLENOL | this one's at the bottom of the list for a reason. i absolutely loathe when i have to resort to giving kingston drugs, but when all else fails, infant tylenol (white grape is our fav) always pulls through.


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