mama favourites


here we are a few months into being a mama + i feel like we've finally gotten into the swing of things + found our rhythm. throughout this journey, we've come across a gazillion baby products that we have fallen head over heels in love with + above i've listed some of our absolute fav's!

all the hype surrounding the honest company? there's a reason for it. we faithfully use honest wipes + diaper's + i can confidently say that their products are some of the most well designed products i've ever come across. there's also a certain peace that comes with knowing that what you're surrounding your babe's is safe + healthy. plus pretty packaging + cute patterns never hurt anyone.

we started out by purchasing all avent glass bottles but as time went on + kingston was born, i found that the avent polypropylene bottles (we got ours in blue) were not only easier to wash, but saved me a lot of anxiety now that kingston likes to hold his bottles himself + i now don't have to worry about him dropping them on his head. the glass ones are seriously heeeavy!

these swaddles have been our go-to for everything from nap time, snuggle time, spit ups, cover ups, a quick throw for the stroller... you name it. i may have a slight addiction to cute swaddles because we have a million of them floating around our home. some of our favourite patterns are the moonlight swaddle bundle + azure swaddle bundle. (chapters indigo often has their aden + anais products on sale or you can purchase them on the weekends for 15% off using promo code: weekend15 or promo15)

j.crew is my obsession. in anticipation of baby k, throughout my entire pregnancy i would refresh the crewcuts section of j.crew's website every morning to see if they had posted any new goodies. dustin + i were both totally convinced we were having a baby girl so you should SEE the amount of pink boxes we have packed away in our spare closet. thank goodness i had snagged at least few cute boy goodies. sadly, judging by their website, it looks like j.crew may be discontinuing their baby line as there are only a few items left under their baby section. our turkey is almost ready to upgrade to their boy sizes though, can't wait! (kingston is currently 4 months wearing 9 month clothing, yiiiikes)

by no means am i a pro - or even know what the heck i'm doing half of the time, but these goodies seem to pull through for us time + time again. i hope this is helpful to you new mama's + mama-to-be's! xo