aden + anais serenity star feature

the aden + anais serenity star® is without a doubt one of our favourite baby items to date. i seriously cannot say enough good things about aden + anais! we faithfully use their swaddles, sheet sets, towels + washclothes daily + could not be happier with the quality. we received the aden + anais serenity star® as a gift from kingston's great grandma who knew the serenity star would totally mesh with king's star-themed nursery, but it's so much more than just a cute decoration in k's nursery. the serenity star is a multitasking dream, complete with a room temperature indicator (glows a soft-white, red or blue depending if the room is above, below or at the ideal temperature), sound machine, clock, and a built-in night light. it also has a really neat feeding diary feature that records + displays the last time you started feeding + which side you last fed from, if nursing is your jam. and yes, it's portable. we use our serenity star both at home + when we travel to ensure everyone catches their zzz's.
... all that in one sweet little star.

at $99.50, the serenity star isn't cheap. but it's worth every penny.
you can find it here + here. (chapters has 15% off every weekend with code promo15 or weekend15)

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