march favourites

happy wednesday! here are 10 things that brought me a little bit of joy this month:

1. i picked up a copy of our history book, one of the most beautiful keepsake journals i've ever come across.

2. our nest protect alarms arrived for our basement! we have the nest learning thermostats upstairs + we are obsessed!

3. i've been getting a ton of use out of my hunter boots with all the rainy weather we've been having this spring. now that we live out in the country, my hunters are always my go-to for footwear.

4. i listened to my first ever podcast this month + i'm hooked. my current favourites are the minimalists + coffee + crumbs.

5. treated myself to a mom juice wineglass from indigo which goes perfectly with my bottle of relax from my january favourites.

6. i have the sweetest sisters who spoiled me with a few lush goodies this week. this butterball bath bomb is nothing less than a little slice of bathing heaven.

7. i  keep norwex timeless rescue gel stocked in our house at all times. it's blend of natural + organic aromatic botanicals stop my headaches right in their tracks.

hope the rest of your week is great! xo